Intensive fast track electrical training courses

If you Google search anything to do with training as an electrician, becoming an electrician or electrician career change, top of the search you will find several training providers offering intensive fast track electrical courses.

They offer the same electrician training courses as the building college’s do, however cram them into just a few weeks.

Are fast track courses a good way to become a qualified electrician?

Training as an electrician on a fast track electrical course is a great way to quickly obtain the theory and basic practical skills needed to become a qualified electrician. However, there is more to training as an electrician than just getting the qualifications. You cannot learn the trade in a classroom/workshop and need to get yourself on site.

Can you fully qualify as an electrician on a fast track electrical course?

Yes you can fully qualify as an electrician using a fast track electrical training provider. In order to achieve the Level 3 NVQ required to become a qualified electrician you have to complete a portfolio so will need to be working in the electrical trade to gather the evidence and photos needed. This could be as an electrical apprentice, electrical laborer, electrical improver or an electricians mate. The fast track learning providers do offer the electrical level 3 NVQ however you will need to find work in the trade before being able to enrol on it.

How much does is cost

The fast track learning providers tend to be a little expensive. Compare their prices to your local building college. For example my local college charge £1460 for the City and Guilds 2365 Level 2 diploma in Electrical installations. Fast track charge around £2500 for the same course.

Finding work in the electrical trade as a fast track student

On completion of your Level 2 and 3 diploma’s, before progressing onto the NVQ you will need to be working in the electrical trade. If you have no prior site experience you may find this difficult. This is one of the advantages to studying at a building college part time as you can work around your studies and the college are likely to have careers teams who will be able to help you find work.

Do your own research on fast track courses and the employment prospects you’ll have on completion. There’s a bit of a stigma around electrical fast track courses amongst time served electricians. However I wouldn’t let this stop you. If you are a practical person, quick learner, hard working and present yourself well, you shouldn’t have any problems finding electrical work, there’s plenty out there! Aim low to start off with and apply for electrical labourer and similar jobs.

I would recommend not using job search websites and instead contact electrical contractors directly. That’s how I found my second job. My first job the building college I was attending careers team found for me.

Who are fast track electrical courses suited to?

If you are already working in the trade or have work lined up and just need your electrical qualifications and need them quick, fast track electrical courses are perfect.

If you are completely new to the trade make sure you have a plan in place to find work once you have completed the Level 2 and 3 diploma. Speak to the training provider and see if they have anything set up to help you find work.