What is an Approved Electrician?

An approved electrician is the status given to an electrician that has met certain criteria as set out by the JIB. It is the next step on from the installation electrician status. Your ECS gold card will have ‘Approved Electrician’ printed on the front of it in place of ‘installation electrician’.

Approved Electricians are generally held in higher regard and the status ultimately commands more money and responsibility.

The status of approved electrician essentially demonstrates that you have gained the knowledge and experience required by the JIB to carry out inspection, testing and initial verification of electrical installations.

How to become an Approved Electrician

In order to apply for approved electrician status you must meet set criteria:

  • You must have been a qualified electrician for at least 2 years
  • You will need a level 3 qualification in inspection, testing and initial verification
  • Hold an ECS Gold card, installation electrician or similar

The status is awarded by the ECS when applying for your gold card. You will have to provide evidence of the relevant qualifications and experience.

If you wish to work in a supervisory role or as a self employed electrician carrying out initial and period inspection and testing it is essential that you obtain approved electrician status.

In order to pass the level 3 inspection and test you will need a good understanding of testing and fault finding. Its a week long course, usually the city and guilds 2391 and consists of theory and practical examinations.