What is a Domestic, Commercial and Industrial electrician?

There are significant differences between domestic, commercial and industrial electricians and the electrical work they carry out. Many electricians work in all environments and some specialise in only one.

Domestic electrician

Domestic electrical is electrical work in dwelling’s (houses and flats). Also known as house bashing!

Domestic electricians often work on power and lighting circuits, carrying out rewires, working on sockets, lighting, appliance circuits, inspection, testing and fault finding amongst other things. See my what is a domestic electrician page for a more detailed run down of a domestic electricians role.

Commercial electrical

Commercial electrical is electrical work in property intended for commercial use. This includes offices, retail outlets, restaurants, leisure, schools, warehouses and many more.

Commercial electricians carry out similar work to domestic electricians working on power and lighting circuits but often on a larger commercial scale. They will also install containment (electrical cable tray, cable basket, cable ladder etc), control circuits, fire alarms and much more. See my what is a commercial electrician page for a more detailed run down of a commercial electricians role.

Industrial electrical

Industrial electrical is electrical work in industrial environments. This includes manufacturing, heavy industrial, power plants and many more.

Industrial electrical work is very varied, covering most aspects of electrical installation work however unlike domestic and commercial, industrial electricians will often work with larger loads such as machinery and motors. They will also work in more specialist environments such as explosive atmospheres (Atex).

Some work environments could fall under the category of both commercial and industrial. See my what is an industrial electrician page for a more detailed run down of an industrial electricians role.